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Model Series Catalog Year Notes
P-Accessories 1999 Obsolete
PAF400 Series 2001(J) 2011 Obsolete
PBF Series 2001(J) 2001(UK) 2003(J) Obsolete
PBP Series 2001(J) 2003(J) Obsolete
PBW Series 2001(J) 2001(UK) 2003(J) Obsolete
PC Series 2012 Obsolete
PD Series 1998 2001(J) 2001(UK) Consult factory
PD800A Series 2003(J) Consult factory
PFC Series 1994 1997 Obsolete
PFD Series 1998 Obsolete
PFHC Series 1992 1994 Obsolete
PG Series 2001(J) 2003(J) Obsolete
PG10A Series 2003 Obsolete
PL Series 2012 Obsolete
PM Series 1998 2001(UK) Obsolete (See PX Series)
PN Series 2001(J) Obsolete
PNF Series 2001(UK) Obsolete
PP Series 2011 Obsolete
PR Series 2015 Obsolete
PS Series 2001(J) Obsolete
PT Series 2001(J) 2001(UK) 2003(J) Obsolete

*Consult Factory Products are subject to change by region. Please contact regional sales office to verify the specific details.