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Food and Beverages depend upon
maintaining critical temperatures

Not cold enough or not hot enough may affect your health.
Food and beverages not refrigerated at the correct temperature may spoil.
Food not cooked / prepared at the correct temperature may contain bacteria from E. Coli to Salmonella.

  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Ovens , Warmers, Toasters
  • Cookers, Steamers, Fryers
  • Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Makers
  • Slicers, Blenders, Dishwashers
  • Conveyors, Dispensers, Packaging
  • Store Smart Shelves

Hazardous Location Certifications


Explosive environments such as flour processing, grain storage, breweries and distilleries may require hazardous location certification. Power supplies provide regulated voltages to drive motors, relays, and power electronic controls. As power supplies produce heat and contain high voltages and/or high currents, they need to be thoroughly tested to ensure sparks and high temperatures will not compromise system safety.

Our Solutions

We have many supplies with a variety of hazardous location certifications. Power supplies with hazardous location certification make system designs easier to certify and ensure safety to the end user.
Class 1 Division 2
Factory Mutual (Class 1 and Class 2)

AC Power Dropout


High speed bottling and packaging among other processes can be severely affected by sags of the AC input line voltage. Having a power supply that is SEMi F47 compliant, that can ride through these sags, can alleviate poor system performance during this type of event.

Our Solutions

The vast majority of our products are designed to perform continuously during these AC line dips and disruptions.

What is SEMI F47 Line Sag Spec All About?

Peak Power


Peak current demands from the power supply exist during start-up and during processes. These peaks can usually be attributed to solenoid relays, pumps and motor controllers. Costly mistakes in power supply selection can be made by not taking into account the peak current demands. Repetitive peak loading on a power supply that is not designed for the task can lead to early failures.

Our Solutions

Selecting a power supply capable of continuous power at the peak load may may result in a greater cost and larger product size. We offer products that support peak current demands and are capable of doing so reliably.

Power Supply Considerations For Applications Requiring Peak Power

Low Audible Noise


Operator vicinity environments require quiet or silent power supplies. Power supplies with high acoustic noise from cooling fans disturb operators and high audible noise can also lead to fatigue.

Our Solutions

Many of our products have convection or conduction ratings allowing silent operation.

Higher Reliability


High-end equipment for Food and Beverage markets require long product lifecycles and high reliability.

Our Solutions

Our products offer very long life cycles (Up to 20+ years) achieved by using high quality E-Caps and conservative electrical and thermal derating backed by the long warranties (some up to limited life time).

Why TDK-Lambda?