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SFL Series

The SFL DC Electronic Load Series is a multi-functional programmable DC Electronic Load series that offers power levels of 300W (3U Half-Rack) and 1kW (3U Full-Rack) with high-speed current control (no dynamic overshoot/oscillation), high slew-rate (up to 30A/us) and stable operation at low voltage with no turn-On delay. It is lightweight and has a user-friendly front panel with built-in (USB) and optional (IEEE) communication Interfaces.


  • High Speed Current Control, High Slew-Rate
  • Low Voltage Operation with No Turn-On Delay
  • Seven Load Modes
  • Four Operating Modes
  • Parallel Operation (up to 10kW/10 units)
  • Built-In USB; IEEE, Ripple/Noise Interface options
  • EN61010-1 compliant; Two Year Warranty


  • Test & Measurement
  • Industrial
  • cots
  • Medical
View pdf datasheet Model Number Rated Power (Watts) Rated Voltage (V) Rated Current (A) Slew Rate (A/us) Load Modes Operating Modes Construction
PDF SFL 120-60-300 300 120 60 5mA/us-20A/us CC, CR, CP, CV, EXT, Short, CV+Climit Normal (DC),
Dynamic (Time/Freq),
3U Half Rack
SFL 500-12-300 300 500 12 0.25mA/us-1A/us 3U Half Rack
SFL 120-180-1K 1000 120 180 7.5mA/us-30A/us 3U Full Rack
SFL 500-36-1K 1000 500 36 0.75mA/us-3A/us 3U Full Rack

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