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Almost everything we touch on a daily basis has an Integrated Circuit (IC). These sophisticated ICs are hidden from sight, but their functions are vitally significant to our daily lives. ICs also enable advances in critical applications like healthcare, clean energy and countless others.

Hundreds of processes are required to produce a semiconductor wafer. Many different types of machines are required during fabrication, each with a different power requirement. Some need very little power, such as the tracking of transfer systems that move wafers from one location to another. Other processes demand substantial power, especially during high volume testing.

Semiconductor fabrication equipment has to operate flawlessly 24 hours a day for maximum production yields

Technology is an integral part of our lives. If the production of semiconductor devices is sustained, then we can continue to flourish through technology. But semiconductor fabrication equipment is at risk because production lines can cease to work without Clean and Stable Power.

Prevent line down situations for your equipment by utilizing Standard and/or Value Add Solutions designed with TDK-Lambda’s 71+ years as a global leader in Industrial power solutions.

UL 508


UL508 is the safety standard for industrial control equipment rated 1500V or less. Power supplies are thermally tested to ensure they will operate safely in enclosed cabinets or as stand-alones. Terminations to the products have to be designed to be field wired, often with bare wire connections.

Our Solutions

Our supplies with 508 certification are UL "listed" rather than "recognized". This allows the product to be used as a stand-alone device without the need to be fitted into an enclosure. In addition to our extensive DIN rail mount power supplies, many of our metal cased industrial products are UL 508 certified.

Peak Power


Peak current demands from the power supply exist during start-up and during processes. These peaks can usually be attributed to solenoid relays, pumps and motor controllers. Costly mistakes in power supply selection can be made by not taking into account the peak current demands. Repetitive peak loading on a power supply that is not designed for the task can lead to early failures.

Our Solutions

Selecting a power supply capable of continuous power at the peak load may may result in a greater cost and larger product size.

We offer products that support peak current demands and are capable of doing so reliably.

Sequential Power-Up


Sequential start up may be a requirement for automated systems. In most cases, the user requires logic/control circuits to be powered first before subsequent circuits driving a motor, laser or other devices.

Our Solutions

We offer multiple-output products with individual output enable, inhibit, and DC good signaling that supports safe and reliable sequencing during start up.

440 vs. 208VAC Input


High power applications require three-phase Delta or Wye configurations at voltages of 400, 440 and 480VAC. Typically, a large and expensive step-down transformer is used to provide a lower input line voltage (208/240VAC) to a traditional power supply.

Our Solutions

We offers products that operate on 3-phase, higher voltage inputs, reducing cost by eliminating the need for a step-down transformer.

SEMI F47 Line Dips


SEMI F47 is the standard used by the semiconductor fabrication industry. It dictates the performance of a power supply during AC line outages caused by lightning. This avoids equipment shutting down during time-critical wafer fabrication resulting in the loss of work in progress.

Our Solutions

The vast majority of our products are designed to perform continuously during these AC line dips and disruptions.

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