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Understanding the system's peak power requirements may
help enhance system reliability & reduce the total system cost.

Devices Requiring Peak Power





Thermal Printer

Fans, Pumps, Solenoids, Motors, Thermal Printers, Robotic arms, test equipment, industrial automation tools, power modules for 5G communications, hospital beds, conveyor Belt Systems. TDK-Lambda’s Technical Support can assist you in choosing the right product for your application.

Peak Power

Electrical and electronic circuits can demand higher peak currents compared to their normal operating modes, especially when powering inductive or capacitive loads. When initially turned on, a power supply’s soft start feature will usually avoid high currents from being drawn. Once the system is operating normally, peak loading may add additional challenges. Surge demands may occur when a solenoid is activated, a fan’s speed is accelerated to provide additional cooling, or motors in a robot or hospital bed are powered up to provide motion.

Under these intermittent operating conditions the power supply has to be able to cope with a surge in load demand for low duty cycles for a short durations, without any disruption to the output voltage. One solution to this problem is to utilize a power supply that can continuously deliver that peak demand, at a higher cost or even with a lower performance. Alternately a smaller power supply can be used provided it is capable of providing peak power demands for short periods of time, without compromising reliability.

DC-DC converters are being used in applications like robotics, where these higher power needs are common, however, this market has extreme space limitations. 5G wireless systems are becoming more commonplace, where the peak to average demand (crest factor) is increasing threefold or even higher.

Selecting power supplies that are rated for the nominal power consumption, but designed to handle intermittent peak currents and higher temperatures for short periods of time, will provide smaller and better and higher performing products.


Many electronic loads demand load surges in excess of the nominal operating conditions. These should be measured, analysed and included in the system’s power “budget”.

Relying just on testing may not reveal that the power supply is exceeding its rated current and may in fact be very close to triggering the over current protection circuit. Repetitive peak currents are known to increase power supply internal temperatures, stress semiconductors and electrolytic capacitors, resulting in premature failures. It can also result in unwanted conductive contaminants being drawn in to the power supply that can lead to failures.

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Our Solutions

TDK-Lambda offers a number of products that are designed to offer peak power capabilities. These products are rated accordingly and state how much peak power can be safely delivered, for what time period and how often the peak can occur.

Peak power products will often provide a smaller, lower cost, low audible noise, convection-cooled solution compared to a fan-cooled power supply that is rated for continuous operation at the peak power level. An example of this would be a motorized adjustable hospital bed. It will have a very low quiescent power consumption, but when the mattress position is changed, the motors could draw hundreds of Watts for a few seconds. A fan-cooled power supply can generate a level of audible noise that is unacceptable to patients or staff.

Explore some of our products that can be used in peak power applications

HWS-P Series - 300W to 601W - Single Output

  • ♦ Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • ♦ 300% Peak Power Capability
  • ♦ Small Package Size
  • ♦ Universal Input (85 - 265VAC)
  • ♦ High Efficiency

CUS400M Series - 250W to 400W - Single Output

  • ♦ 250W Convection/Conduction Cooled with
    400W Peak for Extended Time Periods
  • ♦ 400W with Forced Air
  • ♦ Medical Certifications (2 x MOPP)
  • ♦ Class B Conducted and Radiated EMI
  • ♦ Suitable for Class I and Class II installations
  • ♦ Compact 3 x 5 x 1.55” Size

CUS600M Series - 400W to 600W - Single Output

  • ♦ 400W (600W Peak) Convection Cooled
  • ♦ 600W with Forced Air
  • ♦ Medical Certifications (2xMOPP)
  • ♦ Class B Conducted and Radiated EMI
  • ♦ Suitable for Class I and Class II installations
  • ♦ Compact 3 x 5 x 1.46” size

DRB120-480 Series - 120W to 480W - Single Output

  • ♦ 120W to 480W convection cooled
  • ♦ 120% Peak Power for 10 seconds
  • ♦ High Efficiency, up to 93%
  • ♦ Narrow Case Widths
  • ♦ Class B Radiated and Conducted EMI
  • ♦ Long E-Capacitor Life (Up to 10 Years)
  • ♦ Low Off-Load Power Consumption

DRF Series - 120W to 960W - Single Output

  • ♦ Very Compact Size
  • ♦ High Efficiency (Up to 95%)
  • ♦ 150% Peak Power Capability for 4 seconds
  • ♦ Remote On/Off
  • ♦ Remote Voltage Adjustment
  • ♦ Hazardous Location Option (/HL)

CUS350MP Series - 350W to 1000W - Single Output

  • ♦ 1000W Peak Power Capability
  • ♦ Standby output 5V / 0.3A
  • ♦ Small package Size
  • ♦ Medical Certification (2x MoPP)
  • ♦ Five year warranty

ZWS-BP Series - 150W to 240W - Single Output

  • ♦ Convection Cooled
  • ♦ 200% Peak Power Capability
  • ♦ Operating temp. -10°C to 70°C
  • ♦ 10 Year e-cap Lifetime
  • ♦ Five year warranty

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