Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda is a global supplier of High Voltage power supplies with a broad range of power levels.

ALE-OEM Series - 500W to 2000W - Single Output

ALE-OEM Series
  • Reduced package size
  • New patented inverter
  • On-board PFC
  • Reduced parts count
  • Remote control
  • High EMI-RFI immunity
  • Medical safety approvals

ALE-Rack Mount Series - 4000W to 50,000W - Single Output

ALE-Rack Mount Series
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Simple parallel operation for higher power
  • Worldwide input voltages/frequencies
  • Fully adjustable output voltage
  • Full remote control interface
  • Safety agency approvals

ALE-Systems Series - 60,000W to 1,000,000W - Single Output

ALE-Systems Series
  • 100% Modular/Scalable Design
  • Compact Mechanical Layout
  • High Efficiency
  • Water-cooled
  • Excellent Power Factor
  • Low Ripple