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Test and measurement equipment is nothing, if not accurate. Calibrated precision is sustained with high performance, low noise power solutions.

When sourcing a power supply, engineers must consider numerous factors, including common-mode noise, interface management, no-load power consumption and operational efficiency.

Our products are designed for superior Class B-radiated and -conducted EMC specifications, and contain long-life electrolytic capacitors, PMBus™ communication, constant-voltage and constant-current operating modes, convection and conduction cooled options, comprehensive protection options (OVP, OCP and OTP), and are covered by seven year and limited-lifetime warranties.

Test equipment customers demand compact solutions with superior resolution, the capability to convert analog to digital signals and interoperability with adjacent systems.

Quality power supplies are essential for this functionality. EMC performance directly affects the accuracy, repeatability, test limits and specifications by limiting variances and false positives and negatives. Engineers must optimize the efficiency of their applications to assure peak performance through a range of conditions, while complying with strict international regulations for harmonic current content, standby power, safety and EMC.

Ring Wave Transients


Ring wave is an oscillatory transient induced in low-voltage cables due to switching of electrical networks, reactive loads, faults, and the breakdown of circuit or lighting insulation.

Our Solutions

We utilize transient voltage suppression devices to meet the EN 61000-4-12 directive for Ring Wave Immunity Testing.

UL 61010


IEC 61010 is a test and measurement safety standard that considers precautions for the avoidance of fire, electric shock and bodily harm.

Our Solutions

Many of our products comply with the IEC 61010 requirements, evaluated through the IEC 60950 or IEC 62368 reports.

Class B EMI


Power supplies with “good” Class B EMI performance reduce the filtering and screening required by the user, resulting in lower system costs and faster time to market. Supplies with poor EMC performance may interfere with the operation of sensitive equipment, particularly in Class II (no earth ground) constructions.

Our Solutions

We implement superior EMC design techniques in many products, including our CUS-M Series, leveraging innovative topologies and techniques for low noise operation.

Our aim is to develop product designs that comfortably meet Class B radiated EMI without the need for external shielding by the customer.

Low Audible Noise


Power supplies with high acoustic noise from cooling fans disturb operators and medical patients. High audible noise can also lead to fatigue.

Our Solutions

We utilize variable-speed fans that sense incoming air temperature and low-speed fans to reduce the intake of dust and contaminants.

Many of our products now have convection or conduction ratings allowing silent operation.

Ripple and Noise


Generally, < 1% ripple and noise is considered acceptable. Less ripple requires reduced onboard filtering and allows for optimal functionality of sensitive circuits.

Our Solutions

In our XMS500 series, for example, we use advanced converter topologies and higher switching frequencies to achieve low ripple and noise.

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