Rack Mount AC-DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda provides AC-DC Rack Mount Power Supplies that ranges from 800W up to 45000W of high useable power. These are versatile power solutions that can be mounted on 19" rack systems and comes with an array of features incuding built in ORing and hot swap, PMBus™ and LAN options for communications and control.

TPF Series - 4500W to 45,000W - Single Output

TPF Series
  • Modular supply with 10 4,500W modules
  • 400/440/480 VAC (Nom.) 3Ph Delta or Wye
  • PMBus™ and USB Interfaces
  • 98% Efficiency
  • -20°C (start up) to +50°C operation
  • Less than 30kg Weight

HFE Series - 1584W to 2500W - Single Output

HFE Series
  • 1U rackmount containing up to 5 units
  • Up to 29.2W/in³ power density
  • Internal ORing MOSFET & Current Share
  • High Efficiency
  • Up to 9,500W in 1U rack
  • PMBus™(I2C) and LAN options

FPS Series - 864W to 1008W - Single Output

FPS  Series
  • 1U High
  • Up to 3000W (3 units) in 19" rack
  • Hotswap capable (ORing diodes built in)
  • Low Cost
  • PoE Option

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