Rack Mount AC-DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda is a global supplier of AC-DC power supplies with a broad range of power levels.
Looking for programmable AC-DC? We also offer a wide range of Programmable (Laboratory) power supplies.

TPF Series - 4500W to 45,000W - Single Output

TPF Series
  • Modular supply with 10 4,500W modules
  • 400/440/480 VAC (Nom.) 3Ph Delta or Wye
  • PMBus™ and USB Interfaces
  • 98% Efficiency
  • -20°C (start up) to +50°C operation
  • Less than 30kg Weight

HFE Series - 1584W to 2500W - Single Output

HFE Series
  • 1U rackmount containing up to 5 units
  • Up to 29.2W/in³ power density
  • Internal ORing MOSFET & Current Share
  • High Efficiency
  • Up to 9,500W in 1U rack
  • PMBus™(I2C) and LAN options

FPS Series - 864W to 1008W - Single Output

FPS  Series
  • 1U High
  • Up to 3000W (3 units) in 19" rack
  • Hotswap capable (ORing diodes built in)
  • Low Cost
  • PoE Option