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TDK-Lambda Corporation, a subsidiary of TDK Corporation, is a global supplier and recognized leader of power conversion products suited to many applications including; medical, industrial, broadcast, defense, factory automation and LED/LCD signage. With global sales in excess of $500 million, we have design, manufacturing, and sales locations in all five (5) key geographic locations: Japan, China, EMEA, ASEAN, and the Americas. TDK-Lambda's view is a "Power Supply" is more than just an electronic device. It is the "heart" of our customers’ systems and the core element of safety and reliability. This belief drives us to support our customers through all stages of the product life cycle; product development (design-in assistance, EMC, standards, safety certification), introduction (speed, logistics), growth (scale, cost), maturity (cost), and decline (EOL strategy, post support). Our history of providing reliable and innovative power supplies has earned us the reputation of being a trusted world-class organization. Our broad product offering features over 6,000 models, including a range of 1.5W to 100kW AC-DC power supplies, High Voltage power supplies, DC-DC converters, Programmable AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, Programmable electronic loads and EMC/EMI noise filters. All global sites are ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and ISO 14001 certified.

Strengths as a TDK Group Company

Accumulating more than 80 years of know-how and history, TDK was founded following the invention of ferrite, a vital component in the design of transformers and inductors, elements at the heart of any power supply development. TDK-Lambda benefits from TDK's expertise in ferrite and multilayer capacitors. Joint development and early access to advanced materials enable TDK-Lambda to greatly improve the efficiency and performance of our inclusive product offering.

The Advantages of working with TDK-Lambda


A development process requiring products to meet or exceed stringent internal design guidelines. Products are subjected to a series of rigorous reviews with brutally honest and logical judgements at each stage.

  • Large, global, fully-qualified component database giving economy of scale and long product life cycles
  • Worldwide unified design standards
  • Best in class operating life times, field failures are reduced by designing E-caps for 15+ year life, applying proper electrical and thermal derating, and use of high quality components
  • Higher efficiency and advanced thermal management result in lower operating temps, longer life and lower total cost of ownership
  • Detailed EVT/DVT test plan incorporating lessons learned from decades of experience in field applications
  • Uncompromising Product Qualification consistent with IPC9592B guidelines - HALT, TCT, THB, HASS, shock and vibration, demonstrated life testing
  • Reliability models and component stress analysis; MTBF, Bel-core, Mil-Std-217 and DMTBF analysis in production

TDK-Lambda was recognized for providing the industry’s first power supplies with a limited lifetime warranty. We stand behind our products and don’t expect them to fail.


Quality can never be assured by final inspection. Quality is an integral part of everything we do. Our process includes a tightly controlled approved vendor list (AVL), incoming inspection, rigorous testing, field proven topologies and components, test data validation, and extraordinary process reliability. These factors combine to generate elite product quality levels.

  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Rigid component AVL selection and management process
  • A supply chain committed to utilize only authorized sources of supply
  • Advanced statistical controls, Process capability index – Cp, CpK requirements
  • Pilot production process to study processes and guarantee high manufacturing yields within specification
  • Many process inspection controls including checkpoints at component, sub-assembly, and final product levels
  • Professional Failure Analysis to identify root cause to component level
  • Corrective Action reports (8-D) accompanied by extensive technical support to help resolve application issues and prevent additional failures


Our position as a highly experienced, leading global supplier means we can capitalize on our extensive Advanced Technology Research. Our collaboration with top universities and our expanding portfolio of over 700 patents offers assurances we will provide the next generation of innovative, leading edge power solutions to our customers. Highly motivated R&D teams, located in design facilities worldwide, apply knowledge of the key attributes from a myriad of different applications gained from years of experience.

  • Leaders in development and practical application of advanced technologies
  • Higher Efficiencies – leading to less waste heat generation, enabling greater power densities and smaller product sizes
  • Detailed thermal analysis with derating, allowing peak power requirements commonly found in medical equipment to be delivered reliably and safely without oversizing (and overpaying) for the power supply
  • TDK-Lambda has benefited from TDK's acknowledged expertise in ferrite and multilayer capacitors by jointly developing advanced components to improve the efficiency and performance of TDK-Lambda's power supply products
  • Integrating the latest components (GaN semiconductors), topologies (bridgeless totem pole PFC), and design techniques (full digital control)into our latest product designs such as the PFH
  • In house firmware and software development to develop IP and respond quickly to customer modification requests
  • Manufacturing is done in TDK-Lambda owned factories. This allows advanced process development and new manufacturing techniques can be seamlessly incorporated into products.
  • Highly automated DVT and thermal characterization testing process allows testing over a broad range of operating conditions and guarantees consistent results


TDK-Lambda has the unique ability to leverage our global platforms to best utilize the strength of our worldwide engineering teams. This enhances our abilities in quality, reliability, customer support, and innovation for new products.

  • Six Global Engineering centers of expertise; Japan, China, Singapore, UK, Israel, USA
  • Attracting & retaining Good Talent - TDK has R&D centers near major universities (Bristol, UK; Tokyo, Japan; Karmiel, Israel)
  • All TDK-Lambda engineering and sales centers, plus our directly owned factories are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified
  • Extensive library of innovative field-proven designs
  • Comprehensive in-house qualification and validation facilities with FA down to component level


TDK-Lambda has celebrated more than 71 years in the business, demonstrating our longevity in the highly competitive world of power supply design and manufacturing. Since 1945, we have developed a worldwide reputation and heritage for high quality, robust power supplies. As of October 1, 2008, Lambda was fully integrated as part of the Power Systems Business Group of TDK Corporation and became TDK-Lambda Corporation. Our parent organization, TDK Corporation, is a leading $12+ Billion global electronics company, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. TDK was established in 1935 to commercialize "ferrite", a key material in electronics and magnetic products.

  • Diversified Market strategy (Industrial, Medical, Telecom, COTs) has enabled TDK-Lambda to weather the economic market changes
  • TDK-Lambda sales rank in the top 10 global power supply companies
  • Financial Stability: Moody’s A3 rating & Standard & Poor’s A- rating (2019)


With 71+ years as a global leader in the power solutions business, we have seen many types of challenging applications across various markets. The experience has provided us with deep market knowledge which allows us to anticipate the problems our customers will need to solve. Our solutions start by developing a good understanding of the technical and compliance requirements, which enables our engineering teams to optimize the most cost effective power solution, while balancing innovation, reliability and performance throughout the life of the project. Our value is at its highest when our engineering teams are seen as an extension of your engineering team for power.

  • Recognized through IHS globally as the #1 supplier of power to the Industrial Market
  • Recognized through IHS globally as the #1 supplier of power to the Medical Market
  • Extensive knowledge in compliance to the latest safety regulations facilitating ease of end product certification
  • Convection and conduction cooling options to simplify customer integration and reliability
  • Optimizing thermal performance utilizing thermo-coupled units in custom actual systems to characterize thermo profiles (minimize thermal risks)
  • True usable power ratings where products will deliver an extended lifetime.


Our product catalog boasts over 6,000 models, covering a range from 1.5W to 100kW. The offering includes AC-DC power supplies, High Voltage Power supplies, DC-DC converters, programmable AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, and EMC / EMI noise filters. All global sites are ISO9001, ISO13485, and ISO14001 certified.

  • Enables vendor reduction - custom and standard power supplies from one source
  • Wide base of standard products provides us with the largest selection of power platforms to leverage for modified and Value Add solutions in the shortest development time frame


Uniquely we can provide the optimum manufacturing strategy for your needs in our own fully equipped plants from low volume to high volume manufacturing. We have multiple strategically located warehouses, offering a full menu of logistic services including tailor-made solutions.

  • Samples, pilots and prototype units from a channel strategy geared around speed & availability
  • Factories designed and equipped with logistical capabilities capable to scale during growth cycles
  • TDK-Lambda owned warehouses located in all five (5) key geographic locations
  • Established set of Distribution partners, carrying more than $25 million in inventory
  • Program End-of-Life logistic strategies


Our value is optimized as we become an intrinsic part of our customers' total power solution, from extensive design-in support, production volume through scale and cost reduction, to end of life strategies. Our role enables our customers to achieve a clear competitive advantage. Our motivation is our customers’ complete satisfaction.

  • Professional Global Sales network eager to serve as trusted advisors to our customers
  • Knowledgeable, highly-responsive globally-based technical support team
  • Multiple TDK-Lambda owned manufacturing locations
  • Highly-experienced global logistics capability
  • Our Engineering teams are an extension of your engineering team for Power
  • Value Add Solutions integrate more of the assembly around the power supply to offer avenues to increased productivity and flexibility
  • Extensive global field engineering support for customers
  • Executive Organization commitment - Foster long term partnerships


In these challenging economic times, it is more tempting than ever to get quick savings by selecting a low-priced supplier. However, those quick savings can swiftly evaporate if problems develop, especially if the supplier has itself submitted to those same challenging times. If total cost of ownership is the goal, now seems an especially good time to ask some key questions regarding your power supply vendor:

  • Is this supplier financially sound?
  • Have they demonstrated their reliability?
  • Will the supplier always be there when you need them?
  • Are you comfortable in using their power supplies in your most critical applications?
  • Will they stand behind their product?
  • Are they readily accessible "real-time" to discuss your needs and to provide solutions?
  • What are the warranty terms and where are repairs performed?
  • Are you comfortable that the product documentation will support your safety agency filing and reporting?
  • Will you have access to higher level management if necessary?
  • What kind of liability insurance is available, and with what kind of insurance carrier?
  • If a serious problem does arise, do you have any realistic chance of pursuing a remedy?

TDK-Lambda would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our values and low cost of ownership!

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