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Robots are expected to work tireless hours, yielding perfect, precise results around the clock. But what powers them? They don’t need food and water; they need a reliable source of power!

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At TDK-Lambda, we're proud to have expertise in developing flexible power solutions for the robotics industry. Robot and other machine controllers need a greater degree of protection from incoming input voltage line transients.

With industry leading warranties, these robust supplies are also certified to EN 62477-1 safety requirements for power electronic converter systems and equipment.

Communications Interface


Board Level: PMBus™
Long distance and multiple devices; Modbus protocol on RS-485 serial bus.

Our Solutions

We include communication protocols for signals and controls that can be application dependent.

Battery Charging


Power devices need to be properly selected to handle dead shorts that occur when the battery is discharged. The power supply topology needs to maintain constant current across the full range of the power supply.

Graphene is the next generation super caps material that allows fast charging capability.

Super Caps are environmentally friendly and require charging from zero voltage.

Batteries for high energy storage are now being deployed that require bidirectional DC-DC converters.

Our Solutions

We have Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) solutions with different cooling methods that are ideal for charging Super Caps and high capacity batteries.

We also have power solutions with a combination of the two charging methods, Constant Voltage/Constant Current (CVCC), which enables fast charging without the risk of over-charging.

Over Voltage Category


Specifies transient overvoltage levels from the incoming AC source. The category of the over voltage determines where in a structure the equipment can be located.

Our Solutions

TDK-Lambda's robotic controller power supplies offer certification to Over Voltage Category (OVC) III which enables direct connection to the incoming AC distribution panel saving the cost and space of an isolation transformer.

Long Reliable Life


High quality components and conservative design derating guidelines.

Our Solutions

TDK-Lambda's conservative design guidelines allow the power supply to operate at their specified ratings and ensure long power supply field life.

Small, Cool, Quiet Charging Stations


Docking stations for charging robots are often located in places where people can hear, see and touch them.

Our Solutions

Thermal management techniques and proper power topologies allow us to offer convection or conduction cooled units for those small, tight spaces, and constant current supplies control that near-zero voltage required during initial charging.

Why TDK-Lambda?

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