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High Power Density 1U Full-Rack 7.5kW Advanced Programmable DC Power Supply Platform Extended with Six New Models

August 2023

TDK Corporation (TSE 6762) announces the addition of six new single Output models to the TDK-Lambda high power density 1U Full-Rack 7.5kW Advanced Programmable DC Power Supply platform. These include the 30V-250A, 60V-125A, 80V-94A, 200V-37.5A, 300V-25A and 1000V-7.5A models and now provide the user with twelve 7.5kW models that span from 20V to 1500V with target applications in the Automotive (eV and Hybrid Subsystem, Battery & Component Test), Renewable Energy, Industrial, Test & Measurement, Semiconductor Fabrication and Applied Research & Development market segments.

Carrying a five (5) year warranty and built into a 1U (1.72”) high, 16.7” (423mm) wide, and 19.2” (486.5mm) deep bench-top/rack-mount mechanical profile, the GENESYS+ 7.5kW Power Supply platform offers the highest power density and high efficiency (up to 92%) in a lightweight package (18.7lbs/8.5kg) with cooling fan speed control for reduced audible noise and extended life.

All models offer three-phase AC Input options of 208VAC (170~265VAC) or a wide-range 400VAC/480VAC (342~528VAC) with built-in Power Factor Correction (0.94 typical) and are capable of Constant-Voltage (CV) and Constant-Current (CC) mode operation with automatic crossover between operating modes.

The GENESYS+ 7.5kW platform offers several advanced functions including Constant-Power Limit operation, Internal Resistance Simulation, and Slew-Rate Control of Output voltage/current. Waveform test profiles, such as vehicle battery start-up simulation, of up to 100 steps can also be generated and stored in four on-board memory cells and can be recalled and activated via the front panel display controls or Remote Digital communication.

Standard safety features include user-selectable Safe-Start/Auto Re-Start and Last Setting Memory along with various built-in protective functions such as Output Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), Output Under-Voltage Limit (UVL), Output Under-Voltage Protection (UVP), Fold-Back protection (FOLD) for CV or CC mode, Analog Output Over-Current Limit (OCL), Over-Temperature protection (OTP) and AC Input UV shutdown (AC-FAIL).

Local/Remote interfacing is common across the entire GENESYS+ product platform (1kW to 60kW) including local Front Panel control, remotely via the built-in LAN (LXI 1.5), USB (2.0) or RS-232/RS-485 Remote Digital interfaces or through the built-in Isolated Analog (5V/10V) Interface. Optional Remote Digital Interfaces include either the IEEE (488.2), Modbus-TCP or EtherCAT Interface. Instrument software drivers are also available as well as application software that includes a Waveform Creator (to create, store/load and trigger waveform sequence profiles) and a Virtual Control Panel GUI (with Status Logger, Constant Power Limit simulator and Solar Array simulator).

The built-in Isolated Analog Interface provides the user with high accuracy Program/Monitor signals with 600V isolation and new operating features such as Control pins (for activation of external devices for Output polarity reversal or load disconnect), Trigger-In/Trigger-Out pins (for synchronization) and Enable Control (with user-selectable polarity).

A new Advanced Parallel Primary/Follower system allows a multiple unit system to achieve dynamic response and ripple and noise performance comparable to that of a single GENESYS+ 7.5kW power supply. Up to twelve (12) units can be connected in parallel and are automatically configured by detection of the parallel data-link cable connections between units, with the Primary unit being the single point for programming, measurement, and status of system load current.

Other mechanical options include a Blank Front Panel and an Air Filter Accessory Kit. The Blank Front Panel is available for applications where the front panel display and controls are not required, and only remote Digital/Analog interfacing is being implemented. The Air Filter Accessory Kit is available for both standard and blank front panel models, has a removable snap-in filter (for easy maintenance) and prevents dust entry into the power supply.

The GENESYS+ 7.5kW Programmable DC Power Supply platform has Safety certifications to IEC/EN/UL/cUL 61010-1 (with CE and UKCA marking in accordance with the Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS Directives) and are compliant with IEC/EN61204-3, Class A for Conducted and Radiated EMI and EMC Immunity.

More information on the GENESYS+ Advanced Programmable DC Power Supply Series can be found at:

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Also available are the GENESYS+ General-Purpose Programmable DC Power Supply Series and the SFL Programmable DC Electronic Loads. Information for these products can be found at:

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Main applications

• Battery/Component Evaluation

• Solar Panel/Inverter Evaluation/Test

• Subsystem and Component Test/Burn-In

• Medical Treatment Systems

• Semiconductor Fabrication

• Rack-mount ATE Product Validation

• Laboratory Product/Material Research

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TDK-Lambda Corporation is aligned for fast responses to any customer need with R&D, manufacturing, sales and service locations in five key geographic regions, namely Japan, EMEA, Americas, China and ASEAN.

For more details, please pay a visit to www.jp.lambda.tdk.com/en/


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