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How will the Power Supply Industry be affected by EN 55032 replacing EN 55022?

EMC & EMI Legislation

January 17, 2017

In 2014 the Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE) standard IEC 62368-1 was announced combining the Information Technology Equipment (ITE) standard EN 60950-1 and the audio, video and similar electronic apparatus safety standard EN 60065. This step was taken as there was no longer a clear definition between ITE and multimedia equipment with advent of internet connected TVs, smartphones and other home entertainment products.

Now the EMC standards are also being combined and as of March 5, 2017, EN 55022, EN 55013 and EN 55103 will be replaced by one unified emission requirements standard called EN 55032. The current “Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment” was first published in May 2012 as EN 55032:2012+AC 2013, will be withdrawn on May 5th 2018. EN 55032:2015+AC:2016, which was announced May 2015 and published February 2016, has already superseded the 2012 standard.

The three standards that are being replaced by EN 55032 are:

‣ EN 55022: Information Technology Equipment, Radio disturbance characteristics. Limits and methods of test.

‣ EN 55013: Sound and Television Broadcast Receivers and Associated Equipment.

‣ EN 55103: Audio, Video and Entertainment Lighting Equipment for Professional Use.

Fortunately for those in the power supply industry serving the ITE market who have relied on EN 55022 as their core standard for many years, there are no changes to the test requirements. The multimedia equipment (MME) makers will have additional test requirements to interface ports, port type and emissions from cabling. The individuals that prepare and sign their company’s CE Declaration of Conformity will be kept busy updating their forms though!

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