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Where’s the CSA logo on my power supply?

Product Marking Safety Certification

April 1, 2011

As I sat here at the end of March pondering what my April blog article was going to be about, I had an email from one of our sales people. Her customer had purchased one of our SWS series of power supplies based on our data sheet, and could not see the CSA certification mark on the product label, just the CE, TUV (the triangle) and the UL (recognized) marks.


Looking at our data sheet though, it clearly claimed the product had CSA 60950.


This prompted the email to me!

In 2003, UL & CSA drafted a bi-national agreement to recognize each other’s testing and certifications. UL can now cross certify to CSA 60950 and likewise CSA can certify to UL 60950. This avoids manufacturers from having to pay and maintain two separate certifications.

If the product was certified by UL for both countries, it would have this mark (often referred to as “cUL”.


If the product was certified by CSA for both countries, it would have this mark:


As the SWS power supply has the “cUL” mark, it is certified to CSA 60950 (or to be fully correct CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1-07) and that is stated on the UL test report.

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