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How does the new UL Mark affect me?

60950-1 60601-1 Product Marking Safety Certification

September 30, 2010

UL recently announced their first Transcontinental Mark which denotes product compliance with European EN safety standards as well as the CSA/UL/US Mark for the North American markets. Basically, UL will be providing an “international safety certification”. And, this may affect European safety houses like TUV and others. Here is what the new international UL mark it looks like:

International UL mark

Although, at first glance, this mark looks like a “UL Listed” power supply certification with its encircled UL mark (as used for External Power Supplies), UL-EU confirmed that it also applies to stand-alone component power supplies like those installed in all electronic equipment. Prior to this new mark, the standard “component power supply” UL mark for the US and Canada looked like this:


Some power supply manufacturers have been reviewing use of UL to display the existing C-UL-US mark along with the self-declared CE mark. The CE mark would be backed up with an IEC60950-1 CB report as documented proof of compliance.

It will be interesting to see how the European test houses (e.g., TUV) react and if CSA responds with their own version of this new UL mark.

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